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We offer you the subscription to a "Weekly News Digest".

This service is necessary to:

  • specialists, who work in the field of mining prospecting, exploration, management of mines and open-pit mines, mining metallurgy;
  • companies, which are going to invest perspective russian mining projects;
  • all, who want to be in touch with all news and events of mining industry in Russia and the CIS;

Informational issues include:

  • announcements about state competitions and auctions for the right of subsoil management (geological study, research, exploration and extraction of minerals) on the territory of Russian Federation;
  • outcome of bids and auctions;
  • news of major russian mining companies;
  • news of deposits;
  • analytical materials concerning the prospects of development of the raw material base and current problems in the field of subsoil management;
  • news feed;

According to requests of our Informational portal's users news selection can be made for certain kinds of raw materials, a fixed enterprise or a deposit etc. We have got the latest information about all mines and enterprises in Russia and the CIS (


There are examples of a weekly news release:
11 - 17 September, 2006
18 - 24 September, 2006
25 - 30 September, 2006


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